Summer Residency 2017

22 – 29 July 2017

This was a residency open to artists from all disciplines. The week brought together composers, performance makers, a painter, photographer, documentary filmmaker, illustrator, opera singer, animator, and a poet.

The theme of the week was collaboration and exchanging creative practice. Instead of coming with a pre-existing idea participants planned to work on, they came with an open mind and were inspired by each other’s diverse ways of working.  Artists offered a window into their creative practice through skill-share sessions, ranging from writing poetry to animating inanimate objects. Some sessions were inspired by the local environment; we were led on an excursion through Culbin forest by a photographer, and a painter invited us to use the natural world as our canvas.  The entire group were brought together when they created a mockumentary film set at Invererne house. At the end of the week artists shared work they had created together with others and individually.

  You can read some responses from participants here

See photos of the residency below – and more in our gallery

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