Past Residencies & Participant Responses

Since kicking off in September 2014 we have run four creative residencies. Read more about them below, or see our gallery or instagram pages for a visual impression. Our instagram photos been collected by past participants.

Summer Residency 2017

Autumn Residency 2015

Spring Residency 2015

Autumn Residency 2014 

Participant Responses

“submerge into a creative existence”   – Sarah Baxter, theatre director

“creative breathing space away from the noise and dirt and concrete… to be in a place where you can only hear the birds singing was so beneficial to me as an artist.”   – Yann Allsopp, choreographer & theatre maker

“The week reminded me why it is that I make theatre and what it is that I struggle for.”   – Fauve Bickerstaffe, theatre director

“The surrounding landscapes were as inspirational as the
people with whom I shared them… I return to the city feeling nurtured, restored and full of positive energy.”
  – Philippa Hambly, performer & theatre maker

“I get the feeling that its a time that will continue to affect my work and my life for a long time yet.”   – Brian Appiah Obeng, parkour artist & film maker


“I could get over that first hurdle of meeting my theme in the body with the space, and starting to see how it resonated theatrically.”   – Philippa Hambly, performer & theatre maker

“An open and dynamic temporary community… I
 felt in Invererne a culture of complete openness and passion to throw yourself into other people’s craziness was established.”   – Fauve Bickerstaffe, theatre director

“I left reinvigorated and with momentum for future work, hopefully with connections made at the residency.”   – Conor Whelan, poet & theatre maker

“A week of open-ness, sharing, free communication and inspiration. Personally that’s left me much more open, ambitious and free of ego or worry about trying things and saying Yes. I can already see it altering my work, communication and relationships.”   – Chris Grant, parkour artist & teacher

“time to reconnect with nature, whilst developing inspiring and new ideas for projects”   – Vicky Wright, mask maker, performer & movement therapist