Past Residencies & Participant Responses

Since kicking off in 2014 we have run five creative residencies. Read more about them below, or see our gallery or instagram pages for a visual impression. Our instagram photos been collected by past participants.

Summer Residency 2018

Summer Residency 2017

Autumn Residency 2015

Spring Residency 2015

Autumn Residency 2014 

Participant Responses

“dive into a creative existence”   – a theatre director

“An open and dynamic temporary community… I felt in Invererne a culture of complete openness and passion to throw yourself into other people’s craziness was established.”   – a performance maker

“I have again remembered that creativity is not restricted to my artistic discipline. I’ve enjoyed the moments where I’ve expressed my ideas, feelings and reactions through theatre, writing, drawing, singing. I’ve once again realised I want to explore all these ways of expressing myself as part of making films and in my life in general. It is very rare to get to meet so many artists from different disciplines. I have never had a chance to get so deep into the processes of different kinds of artists. I would recommend this residency for artists who are open minded and who genuinely want to experience something new. Getting the chance to share experiences, and just normal life cooking, eating, playing, talking with other artists in this kind of warm amazing place is an experience I won’t forget. I think this week has been very empowering. This is a great opportunity to get to try different ways of self expression in a very warm and positive company.” – a filmmaker and animator

“creative breathing space away from the noise and dirt and concrete… to be in a place where you can only hear the birds singing was so beneficial to me as an artist.”   – a choreographer

“The thing I liked best was that everyone worked in different fields, but we are also the same – nice to find common ground. I just loved working on something with so many people and using everyone’s brain.” – a documentary filmmaker

This week has been a huge breath of fresh air for me both personally and professionally. It’s given me the time and energy to reflect on what I make and how I make it and also how I want to shape my career in years to come. This week has shown me that being immersed in a diverse range of practices is incredibly beneficial for my own work. I enjoyed discussions with other artists flowing freely between our practices, our personal lives, the ridiculous, the mundane and everything in between.” – a composer

“My week at Invererne has been an opportunity to expand and deepen my thinking and my creative process. I feel like I’ve received special gifts from this community of artists: not only sharing skills but also lending an ear with curiosity and enthusiasm. The residency has reignited an engine that had stalled for a while, and I hope I can keep this energy going. I’ve been working differently, which I credit to the interdisciplinary artists here with me.” – a writer & performance maker 

“What I got from the week was an insight into different ways of thinking, feeling, and sounding. Being a visual artist it was a fantastic experience to explore sound and body – tools I do not usually use. The interchange of mediums was the best part for me. It’s inspiring. A place to contemplate, explore, eat, create or just be. It is an open minded place to be and I have met some really great people!” – an illustrator

“The week reminded me why it is that I make theatre and what it is that I struggle for.”   – a theatre director

“The surrounding landscapes were as inspirational as the
people with whom I shared them… I return to the city feeling nurtured, restored and full of positive energy.”
  – a performer & theatre maker

“It was a rare and unique combination of open-minded artists willing to share their questions, obstacles, and passion for their work, all taking place in an amazing location surrounded by, and close to, nature. The week, crucially, was room to think, to laugh and ‘try on’ other artistic practices besides my own. The skill sharing sessions had a significant impact, particularly on poetry, sketching and painting. I felt that all of these sessionshelped me to get to know others and find new ways into my own work. Outside of the residency I felt I have to be a label (a ‘composer’ or ‘arts activist’) but here I could really explore the idea that my practice is much broader and richer than those labels can contain. I hope that the residency will impact my practice for the future and I can discover a way to be the ‘artist’ I want to be.” – a composer

“I get the feeling that it’s a time that will continue to affect my work and my life for a long time yet.”   – a parkour artist & film maker

“A week of open-ness, sharing, free communication and inspiration. Personally that’s left me much more open, ambitious and free of ego or worry about trying things and saying Yes. I can already see it altering my work, communication and relationships.”   – a parkour artist & teacher

“time to reconnect with nature, whilst developing inspiring and new ideas for projects”   – a mask maker, performer & movement therapist