Invererne is a home in Northern Scotland

Invererne is a home, during the residencies it becomes a home to a group of artists. It is not a professional space, and the house and surrounding countryside have offered inspiration to previous residency artists.  Please see here to find out more about the surrounding nature, or here for the location.

Indoors –

There is a large room downstairs which is usually a sitting room but can be cleared and used for movement sessions, or when a larger group want to work together. It comfortably holds eight people for movement work.  Next to this is the dining room, which when not being used for meals can be used as a quiet place to write or discuss work. Beside these rooms is a study with a fire place and piano for reading, writing, music making and relaxing. There is a large basement that runs the length of the house which contains basic tools and work benches; it has been used for constructing sculptures and a mask making workshop. There are also five attic rooms to explore/hide away in. The house has wifi.

Outdoors –

The front lawn is a wide open space which has been used for physical work in good weather.There is also a walled garden, orchard and lawn that can all be used for workshops and exploration. In terms of out-buildings there is a large unlit barn that can be used to rehearse in and for voice work, the floor is concrete and the space is unheated so is a space best used in summer.

The living space –

There is a dining room where we will share all our meals – unless the weather is so nice that we want to eat outside. Downstairs there are two kitchens, the back kitchen is not used as much for cooking and can be a quiet place to read, too. The house has three shared bathrooms. There are two single bedrooms, three doubles and a triple bedroom, all with single beds. You are likely to be sharing your bedroom with a fellow residency participant.