Ethics & the Environment

It is important to us to create an ethically engaged and environmentally friendly space. This commitment  is at the core of what we do, and how we go about it is constantly under review. See below for some of the choices we have made and hope to make. Do please send us your ideas and suggestions – help us to become more sustainable in any of the areas listed below.


Energy source – we are hoping to change to a sustainable energy supplier in 2017 and will let you know when we do so.

Food – all food is vegetarian but you may bring and cook your own meat. So far food eaten on the residencies has been >75% from Suma and we aim to keep to this high standard for dry goods. As far as possible we buy our fresh food from local suppliers.

In terms of food miles we grow some fruit and vegetables in the walled garden on site and are hoping to grow more in the future. We are also big fans of the local whisky distillery Benromach, only a mile away.

Transport – we shall collect you from Edinburgh in a minivan and then transport everyone as a group to the house. Excursions to the sea, river and forests will be made using the van to reduce our carbon footprint. In keeping with this ethos we request that if you live within the UK you do not fly to Edinburgh.


We are making contact with local schools and communities in order to forge links that will connect Invererne more coherently to the local community. We intend to reserve one third of places on residencies for artists based in Scotland. 

what business have we at all with art unless all can share it’    – William Morris, News from Nowhere


We do not aim to make a profit, we aim to cover costs and then re-invest all money into the residencies itself – aiming to improve the spaces in the first instance. Banking has been in the news a lot of late…it matters to us and we bank exclusively with the Co-operative and Triodos Bank.