Future Ideas

We are taking a break in 2019, a fallow year to replenish ourselves, and will be back in 2020 with a Summer Residency. If you would like to be notified about future residencies please sign up for our mailing list (we only send one email a year with information about the upcoming residency).

We have had five wonderfully exciting residencies and have now distilled these experiences to integrate what we’ve learnt. Our two most recent residencies hosted multidisciplinary groups of artists exploring the theme of collaboration. We found the buzz of connections across different art forms exciting, and will continue offering residencies for multidisciplinary groups in the future.

So far we have held residencies at different times of year, the summer, spring and autumn. The residency fee includes return transport to Invererne from Edinburgh, food and accommodation for the week. Fees vary depending on each residency and the number of participants, ranging from £300 – £450 for the week.

The first residency in autumn 2014 brought together a wide variety of artists from different performance practices who shared an emphasis on the body and movement as starting points for creation. The second residency, in spring 2015 focused on creating stories around the theme of changing landscapes and was primarily for writers. In autumn 2015 the house was open to diverse performance makers, both solo artists and creative pairs. The summer 2017 residency was our first week for artists from a broad variety of disciplines, it went so well that we ran another multidisciplinary residency in summer 2018.

We are keen to explore and develop different possibilities within our existing residency structure and hope to form collaborations with organisations & individuals who share our core values.

We will continue to bring together people who come from a diverse range of disciplines and approaches to creating art. We are also open to the possibility of hosting existing groups or companies who would benefit from time and space away to consider a new project. If you are interested in this possibility do get in touch.