About us

We are Hugh and C ara and we facilitate Invererne Creative Residencies. We met while training in collaborative physical theatre at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts). While there we realised we share many things in common. We both like: trees, art and laughing. We are also passionate about making a space for artists to meet and create together. This project is us bringing a shared dream to life.

With thanks to

Keith & Theresa, Cathie, Mark & Lisa, Marina and the inimitable May Abdalla

A dear friend

We held our first residency in autumn 2014, we were lucky enough to spend it in the company of a wonderful group of people, one of whom was Brian Appiah Obeng. He was, as so many have attested, a man of huge creativity, energy and kindness. He was and continues to be an inspiration to us – #bemorebrian